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Irish People TRY making a website


Irish People Try the game Shut Ya Mouth

Shut Ya Mouth is a fun game where you put a plastic thingy in your mouth and try to say the words/phrases on a card. Can be played sober or drunk, but, it way more hilarious when drunk!


Irish People watch Archer

I suggested this SO many times on that other channel! Hoping it might actually make it to the new TRY channel!

Irish people watch BabyMetal

videos to possibly use:
Gimme chocolate!! (OFFICIAL)
Road of Resistance – Live in Japan (OFFICIAL)

Irish people try durian fruit

Irish people try one (if not the) smelliest fruit in the world and try not to gag or throw up.


Sense8 aka TrySexual Mecca

Sense8 is a wonderful show on Netflix it spans 8 continents with a diverse group of people who are connected…there’s is also an orgy or two lol…..of possible i would like Nicole and James Mitchell together reacting

Irish People Try To Drunkily Explain The Rise and Fall of Henry VIII

(Stefan voice) Henry VIII has everything,: sex, drama,death, sex, drama… rolling heads…multiple marriages, new religion, WITCHCRAFT?! (Not really), and gout.

Lots of gout. All over the king.

Irish People try to make yeast bread by hand! (Competition)

People who are clueless in the kitchen compete to make a perfect loaf of white (or otherwise) bread. Not Irish soda bread, that’s too easy! Make it competition with a prize, or points accumulated over the year with other competitions and the winner gets a prize at the end of the year.

Irish People Try Filtered Alcohol

Different alcohols( beer, gin, rum, brandy,mouthwash, and so on) that have been filtered through a water filter pitcher. Contributors could be blindfolded to add an extra bit of fun.

Watch Westworld

The first act of the first episode of Westworld is both amazing and surprising (but perhaps a little triggering for some). In the event that there’s someone on the crew who hasn’t seen it yet, it would make a great reaction video.