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Historic Schell’s Brewery

I think it would be lovey to see our favorite Irish lads/ladies try beer from historic August Schell’s Brewery in New Ulm, Minnesota. I grew up in New Ulm, and we are exceptionally proud of our German heritage and our brewery. Schell’s is the 2nd oldest family-owned brewery in the U.S. (started in 1860), and the oldest/largest brewery in Minnesota. We have so many unique beer options, as well as soda options, and we are famous for our drinking festivals (particularly Oktoberfest and Bockfest). Give us a try; you won’t regret it! PROST! https://www.schellsbrewery.com/

Irish People Try Flavored Whiskeys

Must include Donal, Ciara, and Leather Jacket Guy please and thank ye!

Drink 1: Vanilla & Honey Infused Whiskey (Redneck Riviera)

Drink 2: Spicy Pickle Flavored Whiskey (Whicked Pickle)

Drink 3: Tabasco Whiskey (George Dickel)

Drink 4: Mint Whiskey (Cold Spell)

Drink 5: Pie Hole Pecan Pie Whiskey (PieHole)

Pinch Hitter: Peanut Butter Whiskey (Skrewball)


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Cristalino Tequila

Big fan of the show! I would love for the Tryers to give tequila another go. I’m sure we can find a tequila that doesn’t cause them all to go scrunchy faced. I highly recommend trying a few brands of cristalino style tequila. In short, cristalino is aged tequila (anejo or reposado) that is filtered through charcoal after they age the spirit. The filtration removes the colors and the end result is a crystal clear, super smooth tequila with lots of flavor and far less sting. It would be great to have the tram try it like a scotch tasting where they sip on the cristalino. I’ve introduced cristalino to non tequila drinkers, and it has changed some lives. Whether that’s good or bad is subjective, but they became tequila enthusiasts. Lots of different brands to choose from, even Jose Quervo. Yes. That Jose.


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Try supper club cocktails

A joint video with Charlie Berens serving would be incredible. See:


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Purity products – Newfoundland Canada

Newfoundland has a long history and unique taste in food and treats. See the following link for some of their products such as Purity products (established 1924).


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cape cod chips

I’ve been a fan of this channel for years now and I think you would enjoy the taste of the cape cod chips. I wish you could enjoy them like I do but sadly I can’t afford the cost to send them to you so I hope someone else can.


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Picking your own poison

Some game like Battleshots or Roulette where the tryers are TOLD they’re making shots for the other, and they aren’t allowed to say what they made to each other, but they have to drink their own shots and aren’t told that. Let them try to figure it out as they take them. Bonus points for confusion if they get maybe 2 shots mixed into the lineup that the other tryer made to keep them from figuring it out right away. (Maybe multiple groups, but especially this would be funny with Dermot and George, especially after the Tabasco incident with Battleshots.)

Tryers Make Authentic S’mores

From a Girl Scout guidebook first published in 1927,
the S’more original recipe tasted like heaven.

The procedure is easy, the ingredients are few,
make and eat a S’more the Tryer must do.

Traditionally made over a campfire,
a home roasting kit can be used by the Tryer.

Ingredients to use by the Tryer maker fellows,
milk chocolate bars, graham crackers, and large marshmallows.

Toast two skewered marshmallows to a gooey golden brown,
not charcoaled black, your tastebuds will frown.

Between two graham cracker halves,
place the marshmallow and chocolate;
Don’t be dismayed by the size, it’s really a lot.

My motto is this, “Don’t let the drunk guy play with fire.”
Drunk or sober is your choice for the Tryer.

Irish People Try Irish + American Whiskey

Hi there, my name is Spencer Schultz and I’ve been a fan of your channel for years. Recently a new distillery has been opened here in my hometown of Minneapolis, MN called O’Shaughnessy where the Master Distiller Brian Nation (formerly the Master Distiller for Jameson, Redbreast, and Rare & Spot) has established his own distillery to serve “Keeper’s Heart”. It’s the first Irish + American whiskey where he’s perfected the best parts of the American ingredients and the Irish distilling process and it just so happens they are sponsoring a trip to Dublin, Ireland that will last a week during St Patrick’s Day 2022. Perhaps you could connect as I’m sure it could be beneficial for both of your brands (and hopefully for us viewers). Cheers, Spencer Schultz


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First We Feast, Hot Ones

Two ideas were taken from First We Feast

First, “HOT ONES”

The format involves the host interviewing a guest as they both eat ten chicken wings Each chicken wing is dabbed with a progressively hotter hot sauce. The wing does not have to be completely eaten. As the wings get hotter, the interview becomes less focused on the guest and more so the struggle to finish the wings. The host and guest are also provided glasses of water and milk to counteract the effect of the wings.


Two teams compete by answering trivia questions as they eat chicken spiced wings. I do not support the linked video’s aggressive gameplay, rather suggest the wings dabbed of hot sauce.