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Lord Hobo

Irish people try Woburn Massachusetts’ owe Lord Hobo Brewery beer selection Read More →

New Mexico (USA) Hatch Green Chilli

We use green chili in almost EVERYTHING. We have green chili foods such as green enchaladas, green chili cheese burgers, green chili beef jerky, and a ton more. We also have green chili drinks such as different kinds of beers and wines. You can get tRead More →

Cajun Deep South Dishes

Chitlins, Pigs Feet, Jambalaya Shrimp, Mountain Oysters. Chase all that with a good Moonshine. Read More →

Irish people RETry Southern Desserts

fix a couple of things wrong with the southern desserts episode and maybe get an actual southern cook to make the food. No strawberry shortcake has biscuits in it, I’ve used pound cake or angel food cake, but never a biscuit. Read More →

Irish People Try Weird Sandwiches

For those Who like eating weird food, I would like the Try cast to eat some of my weird sandwiches. 1. Peanut butter and ketchup. 2. Peanut butter, Honey, Chocolate chips, and sugar. 3. Nutella, Honey, and sugar. Make sure bread is nicely toasted. MaRead More →

Irish people try the Hip

Id like to see the guys and girls of try, listen to the best kept Canadian secret in the world the Tragically Hip. Thanks Ps. RIP Gord Downie Read More →

Irish People Try “Irish” Food

Have your merry band of TRYers taste test the world’s take on traditional Irish dishes and how close or how far off the mark they truly are. Restaurants and takeaways in different countries and regions tend to cater the dishes to fit the palatRead More →

Skrewball Whiskey Cocktails

A match made in heaven (or possibly hell) for Tryers like Dermot. Brian, and George. Skrewball Whiskey is delicious blend of whiskey and peanut butter no matter how it is served – shot, neat, on the rocks, or mixed in a cocktail! Drink RecipeRead More →

Cold season alcoholic remedies

Apparently there is a wide array of alcoholic beverages to play doctor to what ails ya. Read More →

Greek alcohol

Wine (whatever brand, they’re all awesome), Ouzo (Plomari), Brandy (Metaxa 3,5,7 or the 10), Tsipouro/Raki (Idoniko without licorice!), Beer (Zeos black, Mamos, Eza), Craft Beer (Septem, Red/Yellow Donkey, Volkan, Piraiki) , Rakomelo (jug), ChiRead More →