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Historic Schell’s Brewery

I think it would be lovey to see our favorite Irish lads/ladies try beer from historic August Schell’s Brewery in New Ulm, Minnesota. I grew up in New Ulm, and we are exceptionally proud of our German heritage and our brewery. Schell’s isRead More →

Irish People Try Flavored Whiskeys

Must include Donal, Ciara, and Leather Jacket Guy please and thank ye! Drink 1: Vanilla & Honey Infused Whiskey (Redneck Riviera) https://drizly.com/liquor/whiskey/american-whiskey/redneck-riviera-whiskey/p85827 Drink 2: Spicy Pickle Flavored WhiRead More →

Tryers Make Authentic S’mores

From a Girl Scout guidebook first published in 1927, the S’more original recipe tasted like heaven. The procedure is easy, the ingredients are few, make and eat a S’more the Tryer must do. Traditionally made over a campfire, a home roasting kit canRead More →

Irish People Try Irish + American Whiskey

Hi there, my name is Spencer Schultz and I’ve been a fan of your channel for years. Recently a new distillery has been opened here in my hometown of Minneapolis, MN called O’Shaughnessy where the Master Distiller Brian Nation (formerly the Master DisRead More →

Drinks for drunks who wanted demanded another shot

I was a bartender for many years, and a group of us came up with a list of shots we would make for drunk idiots who demanded another. We would tell them, “If you can drink this and walk out of here, we’ll give you $5.” They all saidRead More →

Irish try Malt Liquor

I had a bottle of malt liquor and it was quite strong. I looked at it and the alcohol was quite strong for me. (5.6%) Hours ago, I watched your videos and thought about the guests trying malt liquor. They might like the higher alcohol content for beeRead More →

Green Chile dishes

Have you ever had Green Chile pizza or Green Chile ice cream? If you haven’t, give it a whirl for your tastebuds. Try some classic New Mexican dishes like stuffed sopaipillas, Green Chile enchiladas, or Green Chile Quiche. Just a word of warnRead More →

Go dutch!

Would be lovely to let the tryers try dutch licor. For example: schrobbeler, Goldstrike, jenever, oranjebitter and bessenjenever. Read More →

Blind Taste Testing

Blindfold them, give them a mysterious item to eat, and have them guess what it is through only taste, no smelling it (could be peanut butter or durian) P. S. Maybe invite Dermot or Justine if it’s any of the following examples Read More →

Irish People Try Durian Food and Drinks……Again!

Have the Tryers (especially Justine) try another round of durian items (e.g. durian whiskey/beer, durian Cadbury, the actual fruit :O). I’m sure it will be fun to watch. From a fellow durian lover. P.S. Help me ask Justine if she will be able tRead More →