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Ice cream

I would like to see the try channel try spicy ice cream Read More →

Extreme Dark Chocolate

Lindt has dark chocolate bars ranging from 60% cocoa to 95% cocoa – even the biggest dark chocolate fans might find that challenging Read More →

Try MyMo Mochi Ice Cream

Since the TRY crew hated the testicle shaped regular mochi…I think a redemption episode of the ice cream kind is a must. Still testicle shaped…but colder for the hot summer we’re having. Read More →

Irish People try the Four Horsemen shot.

The four horse man is equal parts Jack Daniels, Johnny Walker, Jameson, and Jim Beam. There are different variations depending on other liquors added. The main one they have to try is The four horsemen gone hunting in Mexico. Which consists of the Read More →

Irish People Try Noni Fruit

Also known as the vomit fruit, dog dumpling or cheese fruit. Read More →

Irish People Try Surströmming

Irish people try the world’s smelliest fish. Read More →

Irish People Try Michigan Beer

Michigan has a well known craft beer tradition in the US with two commonly available brands (Founders and Bells Brewing). Founders in particular has a wide range of beers (with some experiments for better and worse) that seems available for online Read More →

Snaps (oh yeah.. exactly what you think!)..

Well chek this out : NAVIMER PURE ALC. (German) This snaps is so strong that I’m sure it could be used to dissolve Ciaras smile if only for a few seconds. This would be the ultimate alcohol video. You have to keep in it a freezer otherwise it iRead More →

Irish people try Scottish Alcohol

It’s pretty simple, the Tryers need to try some Scottish whiskey and beers. Scotland has a fantastic selection of whiskies from Jura Bruichladdich so you should have made this video by now. Read More →

Irish People try Puerto Rican snacks

Literally just the tryers trying traditional Puerto Rican candies and or food. Read More →