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Irish People TRY Strong Caribbean Alcohols

I see someone else submitted this (I voted for it). Need to add these:
Pitorro from Puerto Rico
Mamajuana from Dominican Republic

More gross drinks

Called “Cum in a hot tub”

2 parts vodka
1 part white rum

3-5 drops Irish Cream (Bailey)

Irish People Try Irish Road Bowling

I was thinking of beers and bowling, and a simple search led me to this awesome sport! I know logistics can be a challenge for this one. 🙂

Irish People Try Kimchi

Enjoy a selection of increasingly spicy and ferment-astic kimchi!

Faygo Soda Flavors

Michigan is home to a very beloved soda brand called Faygo, and they don’t get enough love. They make some awesome flavors that all the tryers would love.

Viking Blod

My husband (Garrett) loves this channel and he would love to see The Try Channel people drink Dansk Mjod, which is a producer of Dutch Mead variety. Everyone is very funny and we watch these videos as a family. Thanks for all the laughs.

Best hot sauce even Gordon Ramsey tried them


New England Indian Place Names

Make a drinking game about Irish People try pronouncing New England native American language place names from or for a shorter list

Tryers watch the Isle of Man TT

Have watch a Isle of Man TT video. A road race so fast and so dangerous, an average of two racers die every year,

2 suggestions 1. American Church suppers, 2. Various home made chowders

In New England and the Sothern States, there is a tradition of church suppers. This can be either at home after church services meal, or a church wide funds raising pot luck supper where the town people pay a fee used for church supporting meal served on a late summer afternoon, with the potluck items supplied by the ladies of the church this link is to a southern food web page with 64 different recipes. See also definition of a church supper see a New England version is a Baked Bean supper with ham slices, brown baked beans and brown bread. And the second is various chowder recipies definition of chowder see if you don’t want to make from scratch american canned chowder, Clam, Lobster, Fish, Corn, Potato chowder can be found online and keeping with the Try Channel humor, odd recipes are in the recipe links.