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New Mexico, USA

Have you ever tried New Mexico, USA hot Chiles? These are grown in Hatch NM. Sounds like chili but spelled correctly it is Chile. It can be eaten green or red and comes mild, hot, fire. Many ways to make it. That is the variety in how it’s served. Topping grilled on burgers, made as a stew, salsa, smother burritos.

Elvis Sandwich and variants

Have the Tryers sample the Elvis sandwich (bread, PB, bananas, bacon), and its variants like the “Fool’s Gold sandwich”. Maybe leave out Dermot and George for this shoot.

Eye see you

Hi Try!
I was born and raised in Iowa, USA. Most of my family are farmers
They would eat so many parts of the animals yhey raised.
I would love to see you TRY cow eyeballs, chicken feet, cow lung, rockies mountain oysters ( pig testicles).

try not to laugh

either pick a series of youtube/instagram short videos or a favorite comedian if you laugh you drink

try another video game

mario kart, super smash, rockstar, tekken

try singles beer pong

best of three series beer pong

try drunk polymer clay

try following a miniature polymer clay tutorial after a drinking shoot

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Feel the pain of the Tube of Terror if you dare.

Cuisine Quizzing

Test the savvy Tryers’ vast knowledge with international cuisine quiz questions, blindfold tests, etc. For example: “what insect/animal/creature does the agave plant depend on for pollination”? (answer: the Mexican long-nosed bat).