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Rodeo bull riding

TRY a reaction to bull riding worst crashes. several available on youtube

Irish People Try American Easter candy

There has been a thing in America for decades now with everyone selling chocolate bunnies and other candies at Easter. The way to break lent in style and produce cavities all at once 🙂

did you get the package I sent

Hi, This is Rev Cheryl Venable and I sent you a package from Minnesota USA containing a book by the title of In Angels’ Arm. Did you get it? was anyone interested enough that they decided to read it? Well let me know what you think of it.

Dutch Toast Sprinkles

De ruijter Toast Sprinkles

It is like candy toast.
Google it 🙂

for the love of all things holy

To make up for all the Durian Justine has been through….. A Try of proper tequila is in order. Maybe just a one off, where you spoil “Durine”, ( ya I did that ) and the poor fuckers who had to endure, ya know, fish from Iceland. Lord thundering, they’ve survived this long and made it out of 2020. When you come out of lock down, get on with it.

Don Julio 1942( No f-ing lime or salt. Orange)
Don Julio Repasado Double Cask( That’ll keep Ciara happy. I can hear it now, “OOH, that”s lovely! Doesn’t smell like Durian at all.” )
Clase Azul Repasado. ( Pretty bottle too )

Have the Tryers listen to Metallica

I love Metallica and I think it be amazing to see how these fine Irish fellows ( guys and girls) react to one of the world’s best thrash metal bands.

Try bizarre flavored candy (Clam, lobster, mac & cheese, ham, ketchup)

I think perchance the good Irish people should try out bizarre flavored candy that feature such alluring flavors as:
Clam, lobster, kale, macaroni & cheese, ham, mushroom, pho (the vietnamese soup), corn, green bean and more! I am sure it will prove to be a delightful and joyful occasion for all to see if the Tryers can keep the candy in their mouth. Candy is from a company called Archie McPhee:

Irish People Try the Strongest Spirits in the World

Ten of the world’s strongest spirits

irish people try Ritter Sport
one of teh best chocolate brands!!
No Peanuts Should be great for dermot

Irish People try Black Blood of the Earth

Exceedingly strong cold-drip coffee developed by a radiation safety physicist, made from a number of different beans and roasts. Sampler packs come in lab vials.

The Black Blood of the Earth

They also have a local embassador/supplier in Dublin, but they only carry 1L bottles.

Local Pickup