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Irish People play Teqball and other Teq Sports

Teqball is a combination of table tennis and soccer (or football), that’s played with a special curved table. One website is as follows:

The aforementioned table can also be used to play Teqvoly, Teqpong, Teqis and Qatch.

Irish People take a Moonshine Tour through East Tennessee

In the lovely Smokey Mountains, located in East Tennessee, you can take a tour of up to 20 different moonshine flavors and more! Not only do you have 60-100+ proof moonshines, you have peaches, pickles, and cherries that are soaked in moonshine to taste, as well as some beautiful whiskeys. Anything from mango habanero to salty caramel whiskey. I would be more than happy to send a box for y’all to try or will help in any way I can to help y’all get these jars! They’re absolutely stunning! When you go through the tour at the distillery, you can start as early as 10am and the shots are served in plastic communion cups.

Irish People Try to Poop Like a Champion

Try the 3 product choices from the Poop Like a Champion brand of foods. There is cereal, tea, and gummies.

View Commercial Here:

Irish People Try Lester’s Fixins Assorted Sodas

Lester’s Fixins (from Rocket Fizz Soda and Candy Store) are a brand of food flavored sodas. Bacon, Ranch Dressing, Corn, Grass, Dirt-to name a few.
Technically, they are joke sodas and are meant to get a reaction not for enjoyment so they will definitely work for a great audience response as well.
(This could work well possibly with most sodas from Rocket Fizz. Some may actually be drinkable.) Soda Catalog Available @

Prairie Fire Shot

Prairie Fire Shot – Tequila and Tabasco sauce

Odd Whiskey’s

Poisoning Dermot and George with the new Skrewball PEANUT BUTTER flavored whiskey

Rodeo bull riding

TRY a reaction to bull riding worst crashes. several available on youtube

Irish People Try American Easter candy

There has been a thing in America for decades now with everyone selling chocolate bunnies and other candies at Easter. The way to break lent in style and produce cavities all at once 🙂

did you get the package I sent

Hi, This is Rev Cheryl Venable and I sent you a package from Minnesota USA containing a book by the title of In Angels’ Arm. Did you get it? was anyone interested enough that they decided to read it? Well let me know what you think of it.

Dutch Toast Sprinkles

De ruijter Toast Sprinkles

It is like candy toast.
Google it 🙂