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Irish People Compare Irish Stout Beers

Compare and contrast Guinness, Murphy’s, and Beamish beers. Dublin v Cork.

TRy the german bioligical en fermented vegatable juices

I buy for my healht (fermented) bio vegatable juices from Germany .
I can drink them but i noticed that a lot of people have a lot of trouble with them to drink, specialy the fermented karrot juice, the fermentend red beet juice and the ” king of the hill”…….. fermented SAUERKRAUT juice! There is a list of countries where they deliver to (also ireland)from there webshop. If its a problem to order them for you, maybe i can arrange something for you . (in the link you see the page of the sauerkraut juice , downwards yousee the rest of the juices)

Old Bay Seasoning

Old Bay seasoning is a staple amoungst Maryland and Mid-East Coast US. To quote a popular commercial for another product, we “put that shit on everything!” It’s most common use is shrimp/crabs but in MD we put it on everything from seafood and chicken, to chips, spaghetti, and even vanilla ice cream! I would gladly ship a can (or bring one with me since I am heading to Dublin in October) so that it can be used for a shoot!


Have them try eating wings that get progressively hotter, using the hottest hot sauces in America – from Da’Bomb Beyond Insanity, to Smack My Ass and Call Me Sally, to Get Bitten Black Mamba Six, to Mad Dog 357.

Moon pies

Made in Tennessee

The new irish tryers try

So the new bunch try some things the old bunch did. The smellest fish absenth the 666 wings. We have seen the reactions of the old crew to this things a few new faces a few new reactions.

Irish people react to Black Pink

Irish people react to the female K-pop band Black pink, especially: Kill this love, Boombayah and DDU-DU DDU-Du

Trying each other’s favorite foods

One Tryer picks a couple of their very favorite foods, and then others try them just like usual. Maybe even show the Tryer who picked those foods in the corner of the screen for reactions as people proclaim their favorite foods to be shite.

Klondike Bars

Love all the videos,and personalities especially the beautiful red hair ladies. I would like to make a suggestion I to see your panel try a product that we enjoy here in the states. Klondike icecream bars, I believe it would.make for great topic.Thank everyone for making me laugh. Sincerely Jeff Harkins

Jack daniels

Good afternoon, (for me atleast, time zones and such)
Being born and raised in america and having traveled a bit (unfortunately not to my ancesters homeland Ireland) ive loved watching your videos but i noticed in the jack daniels try video you missed one that i think many of your tryrish people would like. Its jack daniels Tennessee honey. You did the gentleman jack and fire which im a fan of both spirits. But i feel like you would all enjoy it not asking for a new video on it. But just a personal suggestion that i feel most of you would enjoy. I would love to hear back if any of you try it and your thoughts. Thank you.. i apologize for any spelling or gramatical errors in the message. Your suggestion section is not set up well for mobile entries.