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Irish People Try Burger King

Simple and many views awaiting.

Pumpkin seeds with and without shell

Pumpkin seeds come in a variety of flavors in the US. I eat the shell… shit a pinecone. If love to see your panel explore the flavors and consequences

Irish People Watch Groundhog’s Day Celebrations

I would like to see the Try Channel react to Groundhog’s Day. Not the movie. The American holiday. Please?

Britt’s Fermented Foods

We would love for you to try our ferments, Pickles, Kimchi, Kraut and Brine (aka picklebacks.. a shot glass of brine. We will send shot glasses!) made in real oak barrels.

I wanted to contact you on your Facebook page but there isn’t any place to submit a private message.

We would need to send our package to a mailing address that is checked daily as our ferments will need refrigeration soon after they arrive.

Please email me: and I can get package out to someone in the USA shortly after contact. is our website

Thank you so much!

Table top rod hockey

Tryers play rod hockey, when you score you take a shot. First to 6 (Irish play to 10) points wins, and is drunk. Every 3 minutes you add an extra puck.
At the 9 minute mark it gets a wee bit nuts.
Ooo and this is table hockey

Trying the best durian cakes in canada!

In Vancouver and Toronto we have lots of great durian cakes. From bakeries like Dango, la la cake, Oshi bakery, miss durian and many more heck there so much here we have a top 10 list on yelp on where to get the best durian cake.

Types of Korean Soju

Soju is the national spirit of Korea (north and south). Straight soju is similar to vodka. Flavored soju’s are awesome…everything from strawberry to cherry to pomegranate.

Irish People Try Las Vegas Buffets – in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas is renowned for its extravagant and diverse buffet offerings, featuring an array of cuisines from around the world. From mouthwatering seafood spreads to delectable desserts, these buffets showcase the epitome of gastronomic indulgence. It’s an opportunity for the Try Channel to explore an extravagant and unique dining experience, testing their taste buds on a wide range of dishes and providing their audience with a tantalizing glimpse into the extravagant and opulent food culture of Las Vegas.


You have had Domino’s….you have had Papa John….and you have had Pizza Hut. The Big 3 are complete. But what about Milano? It would be interesting to see how it holds up against the competition. Bring it to the people 🙂


Greggs offers many variations – both sweet and savoury. And everyone of your fans loves a new food video ;).