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Wtch video

Irish people watch either Evil Dead 2, or Army of Darkness movies or Ash Vs Evil Dead TV Show

Dollar store chocolate bars vs the name brand equivalent

The Dolloarama here in Canada sells generic chocolate bars and this is what they are.
twix vs choco duet
kit kat chunky vs 4 fun
bounty bar vs island bar
mars vs meteor
snickers vs the titan

We would like to hear your thoughts on which is better and also the price point between the chocolate bars and quantity/value. A good example is the kit kat chunky cost $0.75 and the 4fun cost $0.33.

The Mahoney Family.
Jason, Cindy and Reese

Behind the scenes at TRY

The tryers give a guided tour of how video ideas developed, cast and shot… (and answer the question “who cooks all the food and empties out the bins with sick in them?”

Irish people listen to songs about Ireland / Irish Culture

The Orange and the Green – The Irish Rovers;
The Black and Tans – The Irish Descendants;
Traditional Irish Folk Song – Denis Leary;
An Irish Pub Song – The Rumjacks;
Im Shipping Up to Boston – The Dropkick Murphys.

Try Dutch Liquorice

Try our variety of dutch liquorice if you dare , from salt to sweet and even with Honey.

Irish people watch Pumkin Chunin

Watch some of the punkin chunkin video’s on youtube:

Irish People Try Ritter Chocolate

Irish people try different flavours of German chocolate Ritter.

Irish people try pierogies

Irish people try pierogies and react to the different types and flavors.

Regional BBQ Sauces

If you ask an American what BBQ sauce is, you will get a variety of answers depending on where they are from.
Alabama’s BBQ is mayonnaise based
Carolina BBQ is vineger based
South Carolina BBQ is mustard based
And there are a lot more. I know my favorite, but I want to see what non-Americans think about them.

Irish People Compare Irish Stout Beers

Compare and contrast Guinness, Murphy’s, and Beamish beers. Dublin v Cork.