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Try bizarre flavored candy (Clam, lobster, mac & cheese, ham, ketchup)

I think perchance the good Irish people should try out bizarre flavored candy that feature such alluring flavors as:
Clam, lobster, kale, macaroni & cheese, ham, mushroom, pho (the vietnamese soup), corn, green bean and more! I am sure it will prove to be a delightful and joyful occasion for all to see if the Tryers can keep the candy in their mouth. Candy is from a company called Archie McPhee:

Irish People Try the Strongest Spirits in the World

Ten of the world’s strongest spirits

irish people try Ritter Sport
one of teh best chocolate brands!!
No Peanuts Should be great for dermot

Irish People try Black Blood of the Earth

Exceedingly strong cold-drip coffee developed by a radiation safety physicist, made from a number of different beans and roasts. Sampler packs come in lab vials.

The Black Blood of the Earth

They also have a local embassador/supplier in Dublin, but they only carry 1L bottles.

Local Pickup

Danish Snaps

you should make a Video where you try the Danish Snaps. there are so many variants. there should be one for everybody. many snaps hare homebrewed so let me know if you go for it:-)

Everyday paper bag wines

Wines that are drunk out of a paper bag. MD 20/20, Thunderbird, etc. Thank ya guys; I love your stuff… and your videos too.

Treats from Southeast Asia

You must have the gang try REAL durian (Not just durian flavored items), stinky tofu (Can be found on Amazon), and mangosteen (It’s a bit pricey but it may be worth it).

The perfect pairings for this taste test would be Dermot Ward and George Fox, Lolsy Byrne and Brian Gallagher, and Justine Stafford and Clisare. I love ALL of the Tryers but I think these 6 are your most emotive of the bunch!

TRY Conquers Iceland!! (Scarily Spicy Range)

TRY to sample a variety of spicy foods from Iceland (shop) Scarily Spicy Range including:-
· Iceland Scarily Spicy Ghost Chilli Pork Sausages
· Iceland Scarily Spicy Carolina Reaper Curry
· Iceland Scarily Spicy Hotter Stonebaked Pizza
· Iceland Scarily Spicy Carolina Reaper Steak Pies
· Iceland Scarily Spicy Carolina Reaper Quarter Pounders

I’ve tried them all (except the Scarily Spicy Carolina Reaper Steak Pie, which I can’t get yet) and they are worth a go.
They won’t be as hot as the other reaper challenges I have watched on TRY but I’d love to see you all go for it.

Irish people try Mead

Try Different mead from around the world different strengths such as Bunratty meade made in Ireland one of my favorite

Ice cream

I would like to see the try channel try spicy ice cream