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Try channel watch suggestion

The show Brickleberry.


You have ... votes left in this category for this week!

Irish People Watch Old American TV

Irish people watching batshit crazy American TV from the 1960s-up. Some examples: Green Acres (A show with a live pig as a supporting character), The Beverly Hillbillies, Flipper (Pretty much Lassie with a dolphin instead of a dog), The Flying Nun (Where Sally Field does search and rescue at a Puerto Rican convent.), Mr Ed (About a talking horse), My Mother The Car, Batman w/Adam West. That’s all I can remember.

Watch Westworld

The first act of the first episode of Westworld is both amazing and surprising (but perhaps a little triggering for some). In the event that there’s someone on the crew who hasn’t seen it yet, it would make a great reaction video.


Sense8 aka TrySexual Mecca

Sense8 is a wonderful show on Netflix it spans 8 continents with a diverse group of people who are connected…there’s is also an orgy or two lol…..of possible i would like Nicole and James Mitchell together reacting