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Irish Try cold fizzy piss

Even though what used to be domestic beer in the States is now all pretty much owned by multi-nationals that are headquartered in other parts of the world, the vast majority of people in the U.S. are truly morons (i’m an unfortunate citizen of this dumbest place on the planet – so I can talk). Much as I feel poorly about you all killing your livers and eating all sorts of horrid crap, I do think it would be funny to see your reactions to drinking a variety of the shite that most in the U.S. consider “domestic” beer. I started drinking beer when I was ten, and I quit drinking U.S. beer by eleven, so my beer snobbery runs deep. Perhaps a tasting/reaction of Budweiser, Coors, Pabst Blue Ribbon, National Bohemian, Iron City & Lone Star, or some semblance thereof. They’ve all always tasted like cold fizzy piss to me, and I live here!