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Hot Hotter Hottest

I think that a collab. of “Irish People Try” the “Hot Ones’s” challenge. I LOVE watching all the Irish People Try videos. All the tryers are so expressive. They are just so fun to watch. I also love watching “Hot Ones” by “First We Feast. ” I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to either see some of the triers either go on Hot Ones or collab. for a separate venue/set up just for that episode and it can be a special episode for both channels

Irish People Try Dehydrated Camping Food

If the fish aren’t biting our Irish people won’t be happy campers on empty stomachs. Let’s have them try some of the large variety of dehydrated or freeze dried backpacking foods:

Yum, just like homemade!


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Irish People Try Camping

Those ardent Irish outdoorsmen and women are keen to show us what it takes to conquer the great outdoors. Off they go into the wilderness to camp, fish and finally experience what a real s’more is like (

They’ll show us how to pitch a tent, hang a hammock and setup a campfire.
Then it’s off to the lake to catch dinner. It’s time to bait the hook and reel them in.
(Advice from the Big Bang Theory Season 6, Episode 10:
Leonard: I’m no expert, but I think the hook has to go through the worm.
Howard: Fine. Sorry, Mr. Worm. Sherm. Sherm the Worm.
Penny: Hey, don’t name him. Just jab a hook in his face.)
Of course the fish then need to be cleaned.
Finally, the evening comes and it’s time for the campfire. The fish is cooked, the s’mores are roasted and the late night spirits are uncorked. Ghost stories anyone?

(Probably multiple episodes)


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Irish People Go Round Dublin With A Fridge

Round Ireland with a Fridge

Tony Hawks made a bar bet that he could travel around Ireland with a fridge. And by “travel,” he meant “hitchhike.” Let’s have the usual three duos each complete a leg of a similar journey, but with a consideration for abbreviated time and location. There would be three stages, one for each team, beginning at the studio and ending at the studio with some notable Dublin location in between. This midway checkpoint would differ for each team for variety.

Here’s the catch – not only do they need to hitchhike, as the author did, but they need to keep a six pack of beer at serving temperature, roughly 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This they will need to do by stopping to plug in the appliance from time-to-time. Perhaps something like a TransTracker ( ) could be used to verify the temperature compliance. This would appeal to the more technology astute viewers. I think this would be good for three episodes, one for each team, and would offer a fun view of Dublin for those of us who don’t live there.

Granted, this is a little bit different than the usual “try this” in the studio, but the TRY cast is multitalented and perhaps it is time to expand their horizons. I think you could get the local media interested in this as well.

This would be fun and different.



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Irish People Try Layered Cocktails (Pousse-café)

Let’s have the cast members try their hands at layered cocktails, sometimes called pousse-café. They can work together in pairs to make and taste cocktails with increasing difficulty.

Start with something simple like a Black and Tan (two layers):

Next is the ever popular B-52 Shot (three layers):

Add a four layered cocktail if you dare.

And for the final cocktail, let’s invite Giovanni Viscardi in to make a classic Pousse-

Have lots of paper towels ready for this episode.


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Irish People Try Holiday Jell-O Shots

The Jell-O shot seemed to be a lot of fun on a previous episode of Facts. Why not try different Jell-O shots associated with national holidays and see if the cast members can determine the country and holiday. Here are four that would be fun (three easy and one hard one):

St Patrick’s Day:

4th of July:

Cinco de Mayo:

Cinco de Mayo Margarita Jello Shots

Singapore National Day:

Singapore Sling Shots