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Try bizarre flavored candy (Clam, lobster, mac & cheese, ham, ketchup)

I think perchance the good Irish people should try out bizarre flavored candy that feature such alluring flavors as:
Clam, lobster, kale, macaroni & cheese, ham, mushroom, pho (the vietnamese soup), corn, green bean and more! I am sure it will prove to be a delightful and joyful occasion for all to see if the Tryers can keep the candy in their mouth. Candy is from a company called Archie McPhee:


Here in NY even we Catholics are Jewish sometimes. Every Passover, after eating the penitential seder meal, American Jews traditionally have a spread of these love-them-or-hate-them sketchy Kosher candies. Joya Raspberry or Orange Jelly rings, Chocolate covered marshmallow, Jelly Fruit Slices, coconut macarons, etc. These treats aren’t prescribed in the Torah, but they’re traditional nevertheless.