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The Irish try Oregon Craft Beers

Oregon makes the best craft beers in the world. We have zillions of brew pubs and just as many coffee places so you can get hammered at a brew pub walk next door, kinda sober up and return to the brew pub. There are so many great Oregon craft beers they are too many to name. Here are some links

Irish People Try … Granny Porn

Watch facial expressions while (or whilst) watching 70 year old porn stars.

Hot peppers

Carolina reapers, Trinidad scorpions and ghost chili

Irish people try extreme milkshakes

Everybody loves milkshakes , everybody loves candy and everybody loves pastries. But what happens when you have them all together? Gourmet milkshakes have had a real surge in popularity after the fads of designer doughnuts, and coffees made from weird products. Seeing the Irish people tackle not only the flavours of these gourmet shakes but how the hell to eat them would be a laugh riot.

Irish People Try Fried Spam Varieties

Watching you lot taste test uncooked Spam was terrible!
In Canada the most common way to eat Spam is fried.
Either in small bits mixed in scrambled eggs, in breakfast sandwiches, or as a substitute for bacon with breakfast… Some people even put fried Spam on their burgers.
I don’t know anyone who actually eats it straight from the can.

Irish People Try Canadian Craft Beers

There are so many craft breweries in Canada that The Canadian Craft Brewers Association was recently formed.

Canadian Craft Brewers Association Announces Formation

There are even apps to help people identity craft beers based on where they are in Canada.
(I highly recommend the Ontario Breweries)

Irish People Compare Bourbon Whiskey to Rye Whiskey

Blind taste tests between bourbon and rye whiskeys…such as Wild Turkey 101, and Wild Turkey Rye or Angel’s Envy and Angel’s Envy Rye, etc. See if they can tell which is rye and which is bourbon.

Jones soda

Jones soda has some really off the wall flavors. If you can find them, there was a Thanksgiving box set a few years back. It consisted of 4 or 5 different bottled drinks that made up an average Thanksgiving dinner. One for example I do remember was Turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy….. as a soda.

Kids try !

Hi, so me and my friend love watching your videos, maybe you could create a teens/ kids react to or like try things
So irish kids try amaerican candy etc
I know lots of people who would be extremely interested in doing it and everyone loves cute kids !


Here in NY even we Catholics are Jewish sometimes. Every Passover, after eating the penitential seder meal, American Jews traditionally have a spread of these love-them-or-hate-them sketchy Kosher candies. Joya Raspberry or Orange Jelly rings, Chocolate covered marshmallow, Jelly Fruit Slices, coconut macarons, etc. These treats aren’t prescribed in the Torah, but they’re traditional nevertheless.