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A contest where viewers try to translate what was said in a past video, for example what did Dermot say in at 5:53 of the Bloopers video. Only subscribers could enter, and the prize could be a “Try” T-shirt. You cold use old footage, and the voting would get people more engaged. I think people are bored right now and guessing and entering a contents might get them exited. More engagement can led to more loyal subscribers.

Irish people watch LetterKenny

A CraveTv original sitcom that is based on a small Canadian town and the daily sarcasm that its citizens use.

San Diego ca. Tacos n beer

There are a variety of different tacos and beers available in San Diego California. We also have within a couple hours drive, Mexico, Los Angeles, the desert, mountains and beautiful beaches.

Irish People Try Canadian Maple Flavoured Alcohol

I would love to see you beautiful people try some our Canadian maple alcohol such as Sortilège, Crown Royal, Coureur des bois, etc. Maybe maple whisky is something that Justine Stafford could actually enjoy instead of making a face 😉

Irish People Try Unique Liquers

Try channel guinea pigs try:
Skrewball Peanut Butter Flavored Whiskey
Bailey’s Red Velvet Liqueur
Musang King Durian Liqueur
Ancho Reyes – Ancho Chili Liqueur
Mozart Strawberry Liqueur

Irish people competition over their favorite dishes

Each person brings their favorite dish, and the other people critique it. For example, I would bring the Oxtail dinner from a Los Angeles restaurant Versailles. And Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (a 19 cent dish that I consider to be unmatchable … for me). My hope would be that this would bring genuine passion both from the person bringing the dish/thing, and passion/crap from the other people. We want genuine stuff!

Dermot tries peanut butter whiskey- skrewball whiskey


Irish people watch Coraline

Irish people watch the movie Coraline. It’s supposed to be “kids” movie, but it is creepy as all hell. Even as an adult, it still creeps me out.

Irish People try Michigan (Soda) Pops

Michigan in the United States is known for having some very distinctive (soda) pops. Michiganders call it pop, not soda, so we have a very different take on the sweet bubbly liquids. I would be more than happy to ship over to you guys four different, very distinctly Michigan pops.

The Irish react to the death of Mr. Peanut

Planters peanuts has killed off their mascot, Mr. Peanut, It would be interesting to see some of the Peanut Butter haters (George Fox, Dermot Ward, Davey, etc.) reactions to his death. Here’s a link