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Here in NY even we Catholics are Jewish sometimes. Every Passover, after eating the penitential seder meal, American Jews traditionally have a spread of these love-them-or-hate-them sketchy Kosher candies. Joya Raspberry or Orange Jelly rings, Chocolate covered marshmallow, Jelly Fruit Slices, coconut macarons, etc. These treats aren’t prescribed in the Torah, but they’re traditional nevertheless.


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Irish People Try Holiday Jell-O Shots

The Jell-O shot seemed to be a lot of fun on a previous episode of Facts. Why not try different Jell-O shots associated with national holidays and see if the cast members can determine the country and holiday. Here are four that would be fun (three easy and one hard one):

St Patrick’s Day:

4th of July:

Cinco de Mayo:

Cinco de Mayo Margarita Jello Shots

Singapore National Day:

Singapore Sling Shots