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Irish People Try Canadian Craft Beers

There are so many craft breweries in Canada that The Canadian Craft Brewers Association was recently formed.

Canadian Craft Brewers Association Announces Formation

There are even apps to help people identity craft beers based on where they are in Canada.
(I highly recommend the Ontario Breweries)


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Irish People TRY Irish Craft Breweries — that’s not Guinness.

One idea I have, being that I’m a craft beer drinker and planning at some point over the next couple of years to visit a few of the breweries that have opened in Ireland, is for some of the TRY crew to visit three of the Irish Craft Breweries.

While logistics and transportation could be a little pricey depending on which breweries you’re planning on touring. Whether you just rent a bus or go through a tour group that does things like this, but it would be fun to check out.

I provided a few of links to take a peak:
1.) The Top 30 breweries in the country back in 2017 (
2.) Top 10 Craft Beer Breweries In Ireland To Enjoy A Pint (
3.) The 10 Irish Craft Breweries Every Beer Lover Should Try (

You could do a tour of three that’s I saw was within Dublin or not far from the city limits, if you felt like doing a video outside of the TRY studios.